Imagine 2™ VS

Imagine 2™ VS - Superior Hearing Aid Center

Imagine 2™ VS

Imagine 2™ hearing aids with Vivid Speech2 Technology are sleek, elegant and hardly noticeable - allowing you to participate more fully in conversations without friends and co-workers detecting your hearing aid.

Hearing aid performance has just made a quantum leap with Vivid Speech2 Technology. You'll enjoy smooth, comfortable sound processing, virtual elimination of feedback and automatic adjustment for different environments. The new Imagine 2™ hearing aids with Vivid Speech2 Technology - incredibly powerful and sophisticated yet barely visible when worn.


  • Active Feedback Suppressor
  • Vivid Speech2 - Designed to maintain speech understanding in noisy environments and reduce listening effort
  • HydraShield®2 - Makes your hearing aids resistant to water, wax, sweat, oil and corrosion
  • Speech Shift - Replicates hard-to-hear high frequency sounds in lower frequencies, designed to enhance and expand audibility
  • T2 Remote
  • Intuitive Features
  • React™ Touch Control
  • Automatic Telephone Response
  • Television Processing

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