Our Services

Our Services

Superior Hearing Aid Center offers the services of highly trained and experienced technicians. Whether it’s routine maintenance or extensive repairs, we can handle repairs on all brands that other manufacturers wouldn’t consider taking. If you need your hearing aids adjusted or repaired, please contact us for assistance.

Puretone Hearing Test / Speech Audiometry

Pure tone audiometry is the key hearing test used to identify hearing threshold levels of an individual, enabling determination of the degree, type and configuration of a hearing loss. Thus, providing the basis for diagnosis and management. Our electronic audiometry testing measures and records your ability to hear sounds at various frequencies and loudness levels.

Hearing Aid Evaluation & Selection

Begins with a thorough analysis of your medical and hearing history. You will be asked about prior noise exposure from work or leisure activities, if any physical damage has occurred to your ears and if you had any past illnesses or medications that may have impacted your hearing.

Hearing or Aural Rehabilitation

We help to identify and diagnose a hearing loss, provide different types of therapies to clients who are hearing impaired, and implement different amplification devices to aid the client’s hearing abilities. We help you and your family understand not only your hearing loss, but the best ways to improve communication. We may also provide Hearing or Aural Rehabilitation training when needed to further enhance hearing and understanding.

Video Otoscopy Examination

Examines the outer ear. Your hearing professional will place a small camera inside your ear canal to project the image on a TV screen. This may be helpful in detecting outer ear concerns such as fluid accumulation, perforations (damage) of the eardrum or excessive earwax which will be referred to your doctor for diagnosis and treatment prior to fitting you with hearing instruments.


We examine the condition of the middle ear and mobility of the eardrum (tympanic membrane) and the conduction bones by creating variations of air pressure in the ear canal. Tympanometry is an objective test of middle-ear function. It is not a hearing test, but rather a measure of energy transmission through the middle ear.

Real Ear Measurements

Real Ear Measurement is a term used for all measurements done directly on the client's ear. These measurements can be done with or without the hearing instrument being worn. The reason to do Real Ear Measurement for hearing instrument fittings is because shape and size of an ear canal significantly influence a hearing instrument's performance.

Instrument Electroacoustic Analysis

We are at the forefront of emerging technologies that help you get back the gift of hearing. With evidence-based design, our scientists and engineers have discovered proven science-based technologies to help the hearing impaired enjoy clear, natural sound. By using an "open architecture" platform, we give Superior Hearing specialists the power and flexibility to upgrade their users' hearing systems as improvements are developed. This keeps our hearing systems operating at the highest levels of performance — first in the industry.