Audibel Via

Audibel Via

Hearing that's personalized for you

With Via, you’ll enjoy superior sound clarity, comfort and universal connectivity. Thanks to a new technology we call Hearing Reality™ , Via is designed to be effective in even the noisiest environments, comfortable in loud settings, and quiet in quiet settings. It also provides newly enhanced clarity of speech. Via hearing aids work seamlessly with accessories and your favorite digital devices to help you connect to your world, and to:
  • Deliver superior sound quality, listening clarity, more natural hearing and effortless transitions
  • Preserve peace and quiet while amplifying the important things, and help you better understand conversations
  • Stream phone calls, music and messages directly from your smartphone to your hearing aids
  • Offer remote programming so your hearing care professional can make minor adjustments without an office visit

The connection between health and hearing

Hearing health is directly connected to overall health and well-being. That’s been proven, and it means people who are able to hear can engage with the world around them and live better and healthier lives.

Ever-increasing evidence also shows treatment of hearing loss with hearing aids can improve or limit some serious health issues like cognitive decline and dementia. In fact, a 2017 study revealed that treating hearing loss is the single greatest change a person can make to lower their risk for dementia.

Other research supports that it’s a change worth making. Adults with moderate to severe hearing loss are three to five times more likely to develop dementia. And adults with hearing loss can experience a 30 to 40 percent faster rate of cognitive decline than those with normal hearing.

What making better connections sounds like

Via intuitively connects to your Apple® and Android™ devices via Bluetooth® technology and Audibel’s easy-to-use Thrive™ Hearing app. Thrive offers additional features designed to enhance your listening experience anywhere you go, and help you easily enjoy everything you do.

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  • Superior sound quality, listening clarity, more natural hearing and effortless transitions.
  • Mask Mode, a new custom memory in our Thrive app, boosts certain frequencies to help you better hear people who are wearing face masks. Mask Mode available on select technology levels.
  • Peace and quiet while amplifying the important things, to help you better understand conversations.
  • Streaming of phone calls, music and messages directly to your hearing aids using your smartphone.
  • The convenience of getting minor adjustments delivered remotely without having to schedule an office visit.
  • Healthable rechargeable devices with up to 24 hours of superior hearing. Results will vary based on wireless and feature usage.

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